Gnocchi Sky Paint - Jeans
Gnocchi Sky Paint - Jeans
Gnocchi Sky Paint - Jeans

Gnocchi Sky Paint - Jeans

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98% Cotton 2% Spandex 


Our very own Gnocchi print, painted on canvas, scanned, then printed straight onto the Jeans. 

What's the fit like?

True to size.  If you want a baggy look, go 1 sizes up and wear with a belt.  If you want it extra tight, we suggest going 1 size down.  


Shopping by your waist size is highly recommended, however some people find they can even order a size down because of the spandex in the jeans.  Eg, a 27/28 waist can fit into a 26 waist due to the 2% spandex we add for comfort.

If you struggle to buy jeans because you have bigger legs/bum/hips compared to your waist.  Shop by your waist size!  Our jeans were designed for you!

Women's fit:

The bottom are a a bit flared, creating a more curvy silhouette.  

See additional pictures! 

Model height : 5'2

Model height : 5’9

Both models wearing waist: 26" 

Know your size: 

Our Women's jeans are catered more for our curvy women, they are wider at the hips and thighs. 

Note* You don't have to be curvy for them to look good, they'll work if you can work it*

Our Men's jeans are are also designed with care, they're not curvy like the women's, however the thighs are made to be a little wider for extra comfort.